Žofín Palace

Žofín Palace is situated on the Slavonic Island ("Slovanský ostrov"), on the Vltava River, in the historical centre of Prague.

The Neo-Renaissance Žofín Palace, one of the most notable architectural treasures, will host the EPS 2018 Conference.

In 1835, when Václav Novotný decided to build the first brick building on the Slavonic Island, he had no idea that the one-storey neoclassical building named after the mother of Emperor Franz Joseph I, Princess Sophie (or Žofie in Czech), would become one of the most important cultural and social centres in Prague. The halls of Žofin hosted world composers such Fibich, Liszt, Tchaikovski, Berlioz or Wagner.

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Slovanský ostrov 226
110 00 Praha 1

50.0792389N, 14.4128256E