Oral & Poster Format

Oral & Poster Format

Oral presentations

  • Plenary talks will be 35min (30 + 5min discussion).
  • Invited oral presentations will be held for the four topics of the conference separately, slots of 30min (25+5min) have been allocatted.
  • 15min (12+3min) will be given to contributed orals.

Each meeting room is equipped with a Windows PC.
Supported presentation formats are Microsoft PowerPoint and PDF.

Poster presentations

  • Poster table size: The pintable is 1800 mm high and 970 mm wide.
  • You will find your paper number attached to the poster wall.
  • Before putting up your poster, please make sure that you are in the correct session.
  • Please note, that it is not possible to print out your poster on site at the hotel.


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